New Food Traceability Center Opens to Protect Food Supply

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An increasing number of consumers are now demanding greater transparency regarding the foods they consume each year. In light of that demand, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) launched a new food traceability center in Washington DC on September 11,  with Intertek as its founding sponsor.

Operating on a global scale, the goal of the new center is to help protect as well as improve the food supply. The launch of the center is the first such attempt at coordinating agri-food industry activities globally.

Improving Food Social Responsibility around the World

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The food supply chain has become more complicated in response to growing global populations. An increasing trend towards product tracing is now allowing for greater transparency regarding both the origin as well as the characteristics of food products. Time is of the essence when issues involving food arise. Not only can the survival of an entire industry rely upon tracing the origin of such problems, lives can also be at risk as well.

The groundbreaking food traceability center will now make it easier to track the journey of food products from their point of origin through the entire supply chain. As a result, the safety of food can be improved while potential risks can be mitigated. It is hoped that an increased focus on food social responsibility will result in the ability to prevent devastating economic and health consequences that can occur when something goes awry in the food system.

New Traceability System to Offer Significant Benefits

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The ability to quickly trace ingredients and products will help to greatly improve the health of the public by making it possible for health officials around the world to identify the source of suspect or contaminated foods in a manner that is quick and accurate.

The need for this type of initiative was drawn to the forefront of the public's attention when a scandal involving the presence of horsemeat in food supply chains was found to be prevalent throughout several nations in Europe. Although such reports were startling enough on their own, they are certainly not isolated. In other areas, product recalls have occurred on almost a monthly basis, at times resulting in severe illness or death.

As an unbiased authority, the new food traceability center will make it possible for industry as well as government, academic, and consumer groups to come together in a group effort to address necessary traceability solutions. Additionally, the center will serve as a consensus for the establishment of best practices regarding food traceability solutions. The food traceability center will also act as an educational portal to further reduce potential food-related risks.

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