ONE THIRD. A project on Food Waste by Klaus Pichler

The photographic exhibition, entitled "One Third" focuses on food waste. According to UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) roughly 95 per cent of food loss and waste in developing countries are unintentional losses at early stages of the food supply chain due to financial, managerial and technical limitations in harvesting techniques; storage and cooling facilities in difficult climatic conditions; infrastructure; packaging and marketing systems.

However, in the developed world the end of the chain is far more significant. At the food manufacturing and retail level in the developed world, large quantities of food are wasted due to inefficient practices, quality standards that overemphasize appearance, confusion over date labels and consumers being quick to throw away edible food due to over-buying, inappropriate storage and preparing meals that are too large.
Commissioned to Klaus Pichler,  the still lifes analyze the connection between individual wastage of food and globalized food productivity. A text, which accompanies the shots, takes an in-depth look at the roots of this global problem.

ONE THIRD. A Project on Food Waste by Klaus Pichler

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