Super Power Mummy Says Goodbye to Food Waste

Linsey Mumba, a mum of three grew up in South Africa and is aware of the need to avoid throwing away food. However, at her present home in Liverpool, she admits she used to, and sometimes still does, find it a struggle. Linsey admits to wasting food that could easily have been avoided. She blames it on filling her shopping trolley with too many items such as fresh produce and bread, and running out of time to eat it. How many of us have also witnessed the sight of mouldy, green bread staring back at us, as we promise that it won’t happen again?

“I used to find the constant juggling of ‘how much to buy’ so stressful. With my kids, it was always hard to guess what they will want to eat in any particular week. One week they will eat all the snacks I buy within the first two days; the following week they may not eat any of them,” said Linsey.

“I used to serve up more than my kids could eat, so we ended up with leftovers from their plates heading straight for the bin.”

The good news is that Linsey is now reducing her food waste thanks to the tips and advice she picked up from the THINK.EAT.SAVE campaign.

“I grew up in Africa and have seen extreme poverty in its worst form, so I always feel guilty when throwing food away. But thanks to the campaign, my habits have now started to change.

I now freeze yoghurts that will not get eaten in time or use leftovers for a new meal. I make a pie at least once a week as this is a great way to use up leftover chicken, vegetables and gravy in one dish and it’s very tasty too. I tend to make up many of my meals, depending on what I have available and leftover”, Linsey added.

Since perfecting her shopping, portioning and cooking skills, Linsey is now saying goodbye to Food Waste.

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