Supermarkets will give discarded food to homeless

New project on food waste organizes supermarket discarded food.

Now it should be easy for the country's stores to donate discarded food to the most needy of society. It believes consumerist Stop Wasting Food that spring launches project 'surplus food'.


Instead of throwing goods in a container to food could write into an electronic system which food they rid themselves of, and when it can be retrieved. It gets organizations in the local area who work with socially disadvantaged, message, and then they can collect the goods, explains project manager of 'surplus food', Thomas Fremming

"We will create a simple and straightforward system that creates a network between local businesses and organizations. For many it is incredibly border to go to a grocery store and ask for food. Here our project work as an older brother who keeps organizations in the hand and opens some doors. "

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In addition to reducing food waste and ensure food to be places such as shelters, refugee centers and women's centers, the project will also help to create community activities, says Thomas Fremming. He imagines, among other things, that local organizations can arrange common meals together and that volunteers will help to cook.

"These organizations have a variety of different foods that can release resources and boosting activities such as holding a Christmas party. I see a lot of positive possibilities in this, "he said.

Coop: Stupidly if our food is lost

In March, the project will be tested in five cities, and so far Rema1000, Coop Denmark, Danish Supermarket and the Federation of Shopkeepers agreed to test it.

Coop Denmark has the highest weighted that the discarded items go to some public purpose, explains accountability Director of Coop, Anna Lise Mortensen:

"We will of course preferably sell our products, but it's stupid if good resources do not go to something meaningful. And it helps this project. So it works in practice, we would like to test it as a complement to our existing efforts to donate our waste to people who have too little. "

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She may be worried about it being too complicated to register the discarded items, as the project requires, so organizations can sign up to get food. It can easily take too much of the staff's time, she says.

"If you just discard food, do not register them. So it could not be easier to donate goods, if there is time. It will help if you could register the food in an easier way, and just write a box of fruits and vegetables instead of counting it more precisely, "she suggests.

Stop Wasting Food suggests that if one registers his discarded items, you will get an overview of what foods you have to order smaller and thereby save money and reduce food waste. Is there a point in it?

"In the best of all worlds, we would also make it that way. But there is fierce competition in the retail industry and therefore few employees who both sit at the checkout, cleans and fills up. There is no time for many more activities. "

The Danes agree: Homeless people should get the food

Despite the concern experienced project manager at Stop Wasting Food Thomas Fremming still a positive mood from several sides - also from the Danes.

This confirms a new study by Analysis Denmark has made on behalf of Stop Wasting Food.

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They asked 991 representatively selected Danes whether you should donate stores surplus food to homeless people. Almost nine out of ten said yes. And this is according to the survey the same across the country's regions, income groups and political affiliations.

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