Surplus Food from the Festival are Given Out

Up to 30 tons of food from the festival will be shared out in hostels and shelters.

Roskilde Festival included this year a collaboration with consumer movement Stop Wasting Food to reduce food waste by donating up to 30 tonnes of surplus food to shelters and drop-in centers, which take care of homeless people. It writes


Project manager for the festival madstrategi Mikkel Sander explains that it is important to Roskilde Festival takes responsibility for ensuring that there is food to waste, both of environmental and social considerations.

"I hope we have gathered a lot of good food in so that we can have saturated some mouths. We want to continue to provide food for homeless people, as we have done in recent years. Roskilde Festival has worked with food waste the last eight years, and efforts to combat food waste each year has increased, "recounts Mikkel Sander

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"Right up to the festival last year imported food minister rules in this area, in collaboration with the Food & Drug Administration. So now it is possible that projects such as those based on DVFA rules. And when Roskilde Festival would like to extend our efforts to combat food waste, it was natural to start cooperation with Stop Wasting Food, "he says.


Stop Wasting Food: 540,000 tonnes of food waste in Denmark a year

The consumer movement Stop Wasting Food is pleased to Roskilde Festival will now do even more to reduce food waste, as in Denmark annually amounts to 540,000 tonnes in the entire food value chain:

"We are very pleased that Roskilde Festival is part of the battle against food waste," said Selina Juul, project initiator and founder of the consumer movement Stop Wasting Food for

»Stop Wasting Food has many years of experience in the dissemination of tons of good, free surplus food to the value of several million. DKK to homeless people. Now is the turn of the Roskilde Festival, which provides a good opportunity for both solid focus on food waste and simultaneously help to transform position to act. "

Project Homeless: food means a lot to us

Project Homeless in Copenhagen is one of the centers, which will benefit from the free surplus food from the festival stalls.
"It is amazing that so much good and nice surplus food can go to the needy in Denmark. The food means a lot to us because we are a small association with small means. It means that we can do something extra and serve something extra good food for the homeless, "said project leader, founder and head of Project Homeless Gitte Johansen

Drop-in center that is open on weekends and holidays receive daily between 40 and 60 users. Gitte Johansen explains that it is essential that the homeless can come in and get a hot, nutritious meal, since many of them have not eaten for several days.

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