Li Bingbing promotes the UNEP's Food Waste campaign in China

During the celebrations of the Chinese Spring Festival,  the UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Li Bingbing launched an online campaign against food waste in support of the Food Waste campaign Think.Eat.Save launched late January.


Li Bingbing encourages her fans on weibo, the chinese twitter-like service, to post their “clean plate” photos during the period of 1 Feb to 18 Feb 2013 and to share any other information materials on the different campaign website. Her campaign also echoes the sentiment of Mr. Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party (CCCCP), calling to end food waste at state banquets as well as that of the China citizens’ campaign ‘Eat up you Dishes’.

“The year of the Snake is the year to start acting to save food and in doing so, help secure the world’s food supply and improve the environment for this and future generations. I would like to encourage more people to join me in this campaign with UNEP and to live a sustainable life.” UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Li Bingbing said.

So far, 2,990 fans joined this campaign and 127 “clean plate” photos have been posted online.

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