Proper Storage Keeps Food Fresher for Longer – UK Study

Storing our food in its packaging can help keep it fresher for up to two weeks longer* and save the average family upto £270** a year. But new research released today, from Love Food Hate Waste shows that only 13% of us realise that packaging can play an important role in protecting food in our homes.

Not surprisingly the research found that after price, freshness and how long food lasts for are the most important factors for us when we go shopping. We all want to make sure our food is at its best for longer so that we don’t have to throw it, and our money, in the bin.

In fact there’s a great opportunity for us all to save money every week. Even though the majority of us, 61% in fact, are mistakenly thinking fruit and vegetables will sweat and go off quicker if they’re left in the pack. The evidence shows that if we keep our food in its packaging and store it according to the label when we get it home, we would have more time to eat it, reducing the 4.4 million tonnes of good food and drink wasted each year.

To save money, the best solution is to buy food we want to store for longer than a day or two, with the appropriate packaging; for example even fruit and vegetables bought loose can last longer if stored properly in a bag that is lightly tied in the fridge. Packaging innovation means many manufactures and supermarkets now use breathable fruit and veg bags, have more re-closable  packs and many more clever features, all designed to make food last longer and save us as consumers money.

*Source: WRAP UK Study Helping consumers reduce fruit and vegetable waste September 2008 By keeping fruit and vegetables in their original packaging in the fridge they will keep up to two weeks longer.
** £270 per family (the value of good food and drink that’s thrown away because it’s “not used in time”).

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