Stop Wasting Food

Too often, when people are looking for a place to eat, all they think about is 'cheap' and 'big portions'. They don't think about whether this is good for society, only what is good for themselves.

This situation is particularly bad at buffets and in banquet restaurants. Extra food is prepared so it will not run out, and many customers take more than they need to get value for money. The result is a lot of waste.

I have even seen parents encouraging their children to waste food, telling them not to finish what they have already taken so as to spare their stomachs for other dishes. This is really sending the wrong message to young people, and will only lead to more wasted food.

Wasted food is socially irresponsible, especially when many people in the world don't even have enough to eat. It also contributes to the pollution caused by landfills. It's time we stopped doing it.

It is important that everyone thinks about how they can do their bit to reduce food waste. We need to develop the habit of never ordering or cooking more than we can eat and feeling guilty when we dump our leftovers.

Many people have a bad habit of entertaining guests with more than enough food. Such a mentality needs to change. People need to be made aware that it is impolite to force people to eat more than they are comfortable with and it is insensible and uncivilized to waste food. Even if one is wealthy, ordering more than one can eat is a bad way to show off one's wealth.

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