A great way to have meals ready for busy days
"Plan at least one double-portion recipe so there’s enough food for two meals. Freeze half after cooking and it’ll be a handy standby meal for a day when you don’t have time to cook."

A great way to spice up everyday meals

"Make sure your store cupboard is well stocked with base ingredients to start cooking, such as dried herbs, spices and oils

A great way to save food after a party

"If you’re having a party and you think there might be a lot of leftover food, make sure you leave lots of space in your freezer so you can save it all it for another time.”

A great way to enjoy a Friday night in for less

"Takeaways are often costly and can contain high amounts of saturated fat and salt. Why not try making your own Chinese or Indian meal using spare vegetables you may have at the end of the week."

A great way to keep mealtimes fun for children

"Involve all the family in the weekly meal planner, so everyone enjoys mealtimes, particularly children. Try not to cook separate meals for children, as it can be wasteful."

A great way to buy only what you need.
"Keep a magnetic memo pad on your fridge door and every time you finish something add it to the list. Take the list with you when shopping."

A great way to be prepared for a busy day
"Recycle margarine tubs etc. by freezing leftover or batch prepared food for use when you're in a hurry. What could be a more convenient way of enjoying a homemade meal in minutes?"

A great way to feel fruity

"Kiwi fruit keeps in the fridge for weeks and only ripens at room temperature. Peel with a potato peeler and slice thinly to top a fruit salad, add a tin of fruit cocktail with fresh bananas and mango plus sherry"

A great way to save those pennies

"Plan your meals the week before... that way you won't buy food you don't need. It's also a great way to save money for those chocolate treats for you. Yummy

A great way to plan your weekly meals

"Before you go shopping, think about what you’ll eat during the week – not forgetting lunches and breakfasts – and make a list so you only buy the ingredients you need.”

Shopping Tips

A great way to get value for money while shopping

"Buy your fruit and vegetables from the Value range. While it may come in many shapes and sizes it is just as tasty as the other ranges and you’ll still get the freshest food possible at affordable prices."

Buy little and often. Shopping in independents often means you can buy smaller portion sizes so you don't have to worry about any extra waste.

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