Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem

As we beginning the Holy Month of Ramadan, we would like to take this opportunity and wish all Muslim audience a happy Ramadan and urge everyone to reduce the amount of food wastage by adopting habits that avoid excess.

This call is in line with the United Nations Environment Programme’s food waste Campaign: “Think.Eat.Save - Reduce your Foodprint” (TES).

“Don't go grocery shopping when hungry, measure your portions and cook less,” are some of the top tips Abu Dhabi Environment Agency gives in its awareness material to help the public change their behaviour in reducing the amount of food waste in the country.

A number of TES partners are also playing a significant role in raising awareness among community members on the importance of conserving our environment by reducing food waste, requesting their followers to donate meals, leftover food to needy people in order to reduce food wastage and reduce foodprint.

We call on everyone to share their respective initiatives/actions against Food Waste. Stories, images and videos will be highlighted on the Food Waste Campaign website.

Tips on how to cut waste

- Cook less: Make enough food for the number of guests at the table. If you are six people, don’t cook food for 10.
- Measure your portions
- Plan your meals: Keep the cupboards and fridge stocked with the basics (milk, eggs, yoghurt etc.), so that when it comes to preparing your shopping list, you will only buy those ingredients you need. This tip will not only cut down food waste, it will also save you time and money as well!
- Be aware of expiry dates: Keep an eye on the ‘best before’ or ‘use by’ dates.
- Don’t go grocery shopping when hungry: Ever noticed that if you go grocery shopping when hungry, that you end up buying unnecessary amounts or kinds of food that might not end up being consumed? Avoid impulse buys and take your grocery list with you.
- Make use of your leftovers: Get creative and make the most of your leftovers by making delicious, innovative dishes.
- Be a food-saving hero: Make the most of the food you buy and find out what types of food can be frozen, stored etc. so that you avoid throwing anything away.
- Eat up your plate
- Compost Your Waste: By composting your organic waste you are returning nutrients back into the soil, and in doing so, protecting the environment.

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