Environmental board games developed by UNEP-Bayer Young Environment Envoys are donated to children welfare centers in Seoul

In cooperation with the Climate and Environment Headquarters of the Metropolitan Government of Seoul, over 1,200 newly produced eco-board games developed by Korean UNEP-Bayer Environmental Envoys are being donated to 600 children welfare centers of Seoul.

The eco-board games invented by these university students will be used for environmental education purposes. This project was created by the global chemical and pharmaceutical corporation, Bayer-Korea, in partnership with UNEP-Korea, and sponsored by the Ministry of Environment of Korea and the Climate and Environment Headquarters of Seoul Metropolitan Government to mark the 10th Anniversary Celebration of BYEE (Bayer Young Environmental Envoy).

The Eco-boards games, called “Endangered Polar Bear” and “Challenge the Eco-Bell”, combine entertainment and information, helping children become more aware of environmental issues while playing.

Jeong Hae-sung, a University student who led the creation of the environment board games, said: “When I was playing the initially hand-made Eco-board games with children in a local school, I realized that not many of them had the opportunity to learn about environmental problems. I’m now very proud and pleased to see that the board games have been manufactured and I hope that more children will become eco-minded through this donation”.

Jeong has been nominated by Bayer as a “Bayer Environmental Ambassador” in recognition of his creative and effective projects. Jeong has also turned his ideas into a government policy proposal for environmental education, which granted him a ministerial award. At the same time, another University student, Kim-Jong-jin, was recognized with a ministerial award for raising awareness on environmental issues through his blog, where he, as a reporter for the Ministry of the Environment, wrote about the knowledge acquired through this BYEE project.

This year, the Young Environmental Envoys and members of the BYEE programme in Korea are participating at an Eco Camp in Yangpyung, which is being carried out under the theme “Think.Eat.Save: Reduce Your Foodprint”. The retreat aims at developing strategies to reduce food waste, sharing the new environmental agenda and evaluating projects that have been processed so far. In the final assessment round, the two top BYEE representatives will be awarded by the Minister of Environment with a monetary prize. In addition, the top three envoys will be sent to a field trip in Germany for 1 week, where they will meet with other BYEEs from 19 countries.

Niels Hessmann, CEO of Bayer Korea (left), Kim Jong-jin and Jung Hae-sung, 9th Bayer Environmental Ambassador and creator of the board game, playing the Eco-board games with children.


Donation ceremony of the Board games for environmental education to children. Niels Hessmann (CEO of Bayer Korea) and Kim Jae-beom (Head of UNEP Korea) joined in ceremony.


Bayer Korea and UNEP will send ‘Endangered Polar bear‘ and ‘Challenge the Eco-bell‘ to 600 welfare centers of Seoul Metropolitan Governement.

About the games:

“Endangered Polar Bear” is based on the principal of the Jenga game. A miniature of a Polar Bear is positioned on the top of a tower, and participants have to take the glacier-looking blocks from the tower until the tower falls. The game symbolizes the endangered situation of polar bears, currently losing their natural habitat.

“Challenge the Eco bell” players ring the bell whenever they collect 5 endangered species printed cards. The player who manages to take all the cards from the other players wins. The game aims at helping children become more informed about the animals that are near extinction while playing.

About the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy (BYEE):

BYEE is an environmental program jointly promoted by UNEP and Bayer, which aims to engage, promote and raise the voice of youth environmental leaders all over the world.

To learn more about the UNEP-Bayer partnership, click here.

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