Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition

The 6th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition is launched.

You are all invited to participate.

  • Topic: Think∙Eat∙Save -My effort to reduce Foodprint
  • Eligibility: Anyone who are aged between 13~24
  • Period: September 9th~30th, 2013

2. Objectives of the Competition

  • To raise awareness among youth of the food waste problem
  • To commemorate and to foster the Think Eat Save campaign 
  • To enhance the ability of essay writing at a global standard

3. Requirements

  • Length: 800 words (-20% ~ +20%)
  • Contents : The contents of the essay must be based on individual thoughts,
    experiences, achievements and future plans. Too much outsourced 
    scholarly explanations are not recommended.

4. Awards
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5. Rules and Regulations

  •  The violation of the copyright is strictly banned. If there is any awarded essay found to be copied from other sources without appropriate permission, the award will be automatically canceled and an official inform will be sent to both of school and home. 
  •  All the courtesies should be revealed at the end of the essay.  (it is not included in the length of the essay)
  •  Total quantity of references cannot exceed more than 20% of the whole essay. 
  •  Before the final announcement, nominated essays will be released on this website from 1st October, 2013 to prevent the possibility of ghostwriting or plagiarism. If there are no objections during one week, the final announcement will be released via this page.
  •  No multiple application is accepted.
  •  In order to receive the award, correct contact information including full name, phone number, address and e-mail address is required. Incorrect or incomplete contact information may cause disqualification.

6. Judging criteria

  •  Criteria: Focus, expression, concreteness and originality
  •  Procedure: 1st judge → 2nd judge → Releasing the finalists → Final judge → Final announcement

7. Inquiries

  •  Inquiries via phone call is not available. Please use email inquire at 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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