With an Original Song, Costa Rica Calls for Action Against Food Waste

A brand new song called “Food for the soul” (Alimento para el alma), written by singer and composer José Cañas and producer Jair Sherrier, has been launched in Costa Rica to raise the call for action against Food Waste. Other artists as the GoodWill Ambassador, Debi Nova; Tamela Hedström and the Minister of Culture and Youth, Manuel Obregón as well as Real Music Productions and the Dream Group, have also participated in this initiative.


In addition, the comedy group “La Media Docena” and the music group “Percance” are also helping to spread the importance of avoiding food waste with videos and performances around the country. 

This is the result of a joint effort by FAO and Costa Rica Food Bank, together with other partners as the “Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo”, “Cooperativa de Productores de Leche Dos Pinos”, “Gruma Centroamérica”, CAC Porter Novelli and “Grupo Gastronómico Sabores”, who are working together to spread the Think.Eat.Save – Reduce your Foodprint message in Costa Rica.

The Think.Eat.Save – Reduce your Foodprint campaign is also being presented at several companies in order to raise awareness among the various sectors. A new videos and photo competition will be launched in order to encourage companies, schools and the whole society to present ideas to reduce food waste and loss in the country.

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Grupo Gastronómico Sabores (Tips to avoid food waste)

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