Foodprints in the Kalahari

UNEP’s Division of Early Warning & Assessment staff member Sandor Frigyik completed the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon in an overall time of 39 hours and 28 minutes and he placed 27th out of the 63 runners . He described the atmosphere of the event as being very enjoyable although the terrain was more challenging than he had anticipated with many sandy dry river beds as well as rocky hills to cover. "The spectacular Kalahari scenery, combined with good camaraderie amongst the runners, and excellent crew support more than made up for the physical discomforts that I experienced during the race." The race organizers had also offered to promote the Think.Eat.Save campaign on the long 75km day. “It was uplifting for me on that long day that went well into the evening to arrive at checkpoints and see the support crew wearing Think.Eat.Save shirts”. His own food planning and preparations also worked out well for this first attempt and based on his experience he is making some modifications that will further improve his approach the next time he participates. “I have enjoyed very much generating interest in the Think Eat Save campaign through this event as well as also applying the principles myself. It is nice to be supporting a good cause that doesn’t necessary entail giving money but instead saving resources by taking action”. He will continue to promote the Think.Eat.Save campaign in his discussions about the Kalahari race with local communities.

sandor-runningiHalfway through the 38km 2nd day stage and thinking about what's still to come


Check point crew promoted the Think.Eat.Save campaign on the long 75km day and also gave much needed moral support to runners

Check point crew indicating to runners what they may look like if they didn't eat and drink right

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