Burns Night - the Perfect Celebration to love your Food

iEmmaMarshBy Emma Marsh

Top Tips to Make the Most of your Food this Coming Burns Night!

Rabbie Burns (1759 – 1796), Scotland’s most famous poet, is celebrated in Scotland and beyond on the anniversary of his birth (January 25th) which is known as Burns Night.

Robert Burns may be Scottish but the celebrations are held throughout the world, anywhere where his work appreciated. The celebrations take place around a highly ceremonial Burn's Night Supper which consists of traditional Scottish fare. One important 'guest' at the supper will always be a Haggis which was immortalized in Robbie Burns' poem Address to a Haggis

But how much haggis does one person need? If you only cook haggis a few times a year it can be hard to remember. Here is a quick guide for how much to serve:

  • Starter 100g (4oz) per person
  • Main course 150-200g (6-8oz) per person

When you buy your haggis look for the number it serves if this is on the packet or ask your butcher what size you will need. If you end up with more haggis than you need you could freeze the extra for a later date or use it in an alternative recipe.

Neeps and tatties – The ever trusted sidekicks of creamed potatoes and mashed turnip are the truly classic companions. If you have extra mash that you are not able to finish don’t despair. These can be frozen for use in a recipe sometime later or refrigerated to use within a couple of days.

Haggis is apparently amazingly versatile (as a veggie I've never tried the real thing but friends and colleagues ensure me it's true!), and one of our most popular leftover recipes features haggis Pan Fried Stornoway Black Pudding with Haggis Risotto and Crispy Pancetta or why not turn it into a lasagne or serve with nachos (Heat some Haggis in the microwave, empty a large bag of tortilla chips onto a large plate, spoon on generous amounts of guacamole and salsa. Once the haggis is piping hot, dot it onto the top of the nachos, adding a few spoonful's of sour cream and roughly chopped coriander to finish) and a great tip submitted to us by Carrie "If you have any haggis leftover from, say a Burns Night supper, then crumble it on top of a pizza. Seriously - sounds bizarre but makes a really spicy and tasty pizza topping to snuggle under some tasty cheese."

And if you want to go the extra mile this year why not enjoy your Burns Supper with a free Robert Burns app from Scotland.org, offering you more than 550 poems and love songs complete with a useful glossary of terms to help interpret the Scots words!

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